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The Face of Saving Teeth

Prestige Dental Specialists
Photo (left to right); Anna Sidor, Yousuf Aboosi, Norachai Eddy Phisuthikul

Prestige Dental Specialists is a collaboration of two dental specialties that save teeth and preserve natural dentition. We are the face of saving teeth in the DMV area. Our practice combines endodontic and periodontic disciplines, which focus on the foundation of a healthy smile. Root canal treatment and regeneration of gums and bones are our primary goal in preserving your natural teeth.

At Prestige Dental Specialists, we believe in passion for the work we do in restoring your smile and dental health. Precision in every procedure by using state of the art technology. Perfection of our skills achieved by offering an exclusive number of procedures. We invite you to visit us and find out what sets our practice apart, in helping you achieve a healthy and confident smile.