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The Face of TMJ Therapy & Sleep Apnea

Jeffrey L. Brown, DDS, Fellow AACFP | Sleep & TMJ Therapy

Focusing completely on TMD and sleep apnea, Dr. Brown and his team tailor treatment to your unique needs. They focus on getting to the root of your discomfort. Patients with sleep issues or TMJ symptoms (pain in the head, neck, jaw, etc.) find the diagnostic process provides answers. Dr. Brown takes a whole-body approach toward his treatment, extending to other healthcare providers as massage or physical therapies. His expertise allows him to identify and treat the underlying problems conservatively with intraoral appliances. Treatment can result in reduced symptoms, aligned cranial bones, improved breathing and jaw joint placement in the correct anatomical position allowing for the disc to migrate back into place. The team is devoted to helping patients function optimally, sleep better and live symptom-free lives.