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The Face of Trusted Financial Advice

Todd Youngdahl, CFP & Maura Schauss, CFP, Managing Partners | Washington Wealth Advisors

As a fee-only, independent registered investment advisor, Washington Wealth Advisors acts as a fiduciary. This gives our clients the confidence that their best interests are always put first. “Together, we engage in a dynamic financial planning process that targets your particular goals, factoring in your risk profile and the timeframe for those goals,” says Youngdahl. “The plan we develop guides our asset management strategy. Ongoing monitoring, proactive management and consistent communication keeps clients on track.”

“Transparent, unbiased advice is the foundation upon which our client relationships are built,” says Schauss. “Our advice is tailored and personal to each client’s unique situation. This approach offers our clients financial peace of mind—the ability to enjoy today’s moments knowing you are on track for your future.”

WWA serves busy families, women building wealth, and thriving small business owners in need of a trusted financial partner supporting them through all phases of their lives.