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The Face of Trusted Financial Advice

Todd Youngdahl, CFP®; Ann Blakey, MBA, CFP®; Maura Schauss, CFP® Washington Wealth Team at Wealth Enhancement Group

The Washington Wealth Team at Wealth Enhancement Group (formerly Washington Wealth Advisors) offers advisory services to those seeking to elevate their financial planning approach with a trusted partner. They specialize in providing clients financial planning and investment management services backed by team-based knowledge to simplify their financial lives. 

Committed to helping clients reach their financial goals, the team is founded on the fiduciary standard of care. Goals-based advice is driven by their clients’ best interest. The team is committed to sharing independent financial advice that empowers clients to make their best decisions in each life stage. 

Simplicity and financial organization are key when life gets complicated. Having a financial partner to advise and support the navigation of life’s ups and downs can give clients confidence in their future.

Advisory services offered through Wealth Enhancement Advisory Services, LLC, a registered investment advisor and affiliate of Wealth Enhancement Group®.