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The Face of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Kayleen Gloor, DVM, MS, Co-Owner | Clarendon Animal Care

A state-of-the-art, full-service general practice veterinary clinic in the heart of Arlington, Clarendon Animal Care opened January 5, 2015, and has become a go-to practice for pet owners. “We provide the highest quality, individualized care to our patients, and we emphasize strong communication to best facilitate the human-animal bond,” says Dr. Gloor. The clinic offers full-service wellness and urgent care, therapeutic laser and surgical and dental procedures. Close working relationships with 24-hour emergency centers and veterinary specialists offer even more care options for dogs and cats. Additionally, they practice Low-Stress HandlingTM techniques and are Fear FreeTM certified. “We really love this pet-loving community. We want to create lasting personal relationships with our clients and patients by providing exceptional medical care and the goal of the highest quality of life for all.”