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The Jefferson

900 N. Taylor St.
Arlington Virginia 22203

Residents at The Jefferson report a strong sense of community as well as individual happiness. More than half participate in Google Groups, a great communication tool that announces everything from discounted entertainment tickets and nearby happy hours. Jeffersonians, as they call themselves, like to share what they love about their home.

One of many things they love is The Jefferson’s top-notch fitness and wellness program, which includes something for everyone: water aerobics, a walking club, Tai Chi, three types of yoga, total body fitness, line dancing and more.

Jeffersonians appreciate having different levels of fitness activities from novice to advanced classes as well as personal training. The heated pool is a favorite for classes, swimming laps or just relaxing.

“The Jefferson’s swimming pool may be small,” says resident Verne Vance, “but its water aerobics program is large.” With three forty-five-minute sessions weekly, it is a vigorous, varied exercise program that addresses every part of the body to make it perform at its best.

“Each morning when I step into the 92-degree water, I know how necessary this sparkling pool is,” says resident Desmond Curran. “Initially each lap takes me 18 strokes. By the time I reach my 20th lap only eight strokes are required. My enfeebled body rebounds with strength for the day’s needs. How lucky I am to be here at the Jefferson!”

“With all levels of senior living under one roof, The Jefferson offers for-sale condominiums with no buy-in fee beyond the price of the unit, with access to community meals, activities, housekeeping and transportation.” —Juli K. Swanson, LNHA, CMCA, Executive Director and General Manager