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The Robert & Tyler Team

Tyler Jeffrey | Washington Fine Properties
3201 New Mexico Ave., NW, Suite 220
Washington, D.C. 20016
202-944-5000 (office) | 202-746-2319 (cell)

A self-described “Army brat,” Tyler moved frequently growing up and learned to bond quickly with new people from a very young age. It’s one of the skills he finds most valuable today. “In real estate, you only have a few minutes to gain people’s trust,” he says. Since partnering with Robert Crawford in 2015, Tyler’s career has never lost momentum.

While market knowledge and experience are important to Tyler’s success, his follow-through, honesty and compassion are key. “I’m not transactional,” he explains. “I want to help people when they’re ready, and I want them to feel cared for.”  

Though serious about his work, Tyler loves to laugh. “I’m like the pilot and the cruise director of every transaction. When I have fun, so do my clients.”