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Tina Leone, Mary-Claire Burick, Tracy Sayegh Gabriel, Elizabeth Crocker and Kim Klingler

Ballston BID, Clarendon Alliance, Columbia Pike Revitalization Org., Crystal City BID and Rosslyn BID

Why do you do what you do?
Elizabeth Crocker: I grew up in this community and love that I can be involved in strengthening and supporting the vitality of the Clarendon and Courthouse corridor. Kim Klingler: I love merging my professional and community background to help Columbia Pike and the surrounding community realize and execute our shared vision. Mary-Claire Burick: I’ve always been passionate about change management—envisioning a future and engaging the right people to work toward making it a reality. We’re cultivating a cohesive community.

What advice would you offer to women who are just starting out?
Tracy Sayegh Gabriel: Advocate for yourself. Opportunities and exposure are rarely given to those who don’t seek them out. Take risks. You learn the most from challenges and failures. Kim Klingler: Although we sometimes want to focus on problem-solving first, it’s best to start by building relationships—effective problem solving will follow. Elizabeth Crocker: Find mentors, take initiative and ask for advice from professionals you respect. Also, take advantage of professional training offered or subsidized by your organization. There are always resources out there if you look for them! Tina Leone: Follow your gut. People will try and talk you out of good ideas—listen to your gut! Mary-Claire Burick: Believe you’re good enough. When self doubt takes hold, you become your own limiting factor! Surround yourself with smart, positive people who care about your success and seek them out when you feel any doubt creeping in.

What woman inspires you and why?
Tracy Sayegh Gabriel: There’s so much to admire about Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister and the youngest female world leader. She’s strong, effective, empathetic, human and also a mother. She is a model leader and not just for women.

“Take risks. You learn the most from challenges and failures.”