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TriVistaUSA Design + Build

925 N. Garfield St., Suite 106
Arlington Virginia 22201
Michael and Deborah Sauri

Maintaining their artistic essence, husband and wife team Michael and Deborah Sauri of TriVistaUSA Design + Build continue to thrive in the competitive Arlington design/build market. They attribute much of their success to their long-term core team: Pam, interior designer; Denny, project manager and woodwork artist; and Steve, the director of build who handles logistics like an air traffic controller. Together, they have more than 120 years of combined experience. Designs are collaborative, with their entire team contributing their expertise. 

“We see every project as an artistic opportunity,” says Deborah, “and we would never let our clients be cookie-cutter trend victims. At the same time, form must follow function.”

“I love that our work keeps getting more expressive and inventive with every project,” says Michael. “That’s what TriVistaUSA Design + Build is all about: cool projects for cool people. Those people may be starting to raise a family and need more room or have become empty nesters wanting a fresh new space. Sure, major renovations take time and have a healthy budget, but in the end, our clients say TriVistaUSA’s creative, high quality work is completely transformative.”

Michael, Deborah and company made the decision long ago to concentrate their work in five zip codes. With years of experience in Arlington, they know the sometimes challenging zoning regulations, building codes and local needs, inside and out. With short distances between job sites, it’s easy for a designer or electrician to drop in and check on something for a client without any scheduling hassle.

“I love that our work keeps getting more expressive and inventive with every project.”