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TriVistaUSA Design + Build

925 N. Garfield St., Suite 106
Arlington Virginia 22201


TriVistaUSA Design + Build provides innovative, award-winning designs to homeowners in Arlington, Falls Church, Alexandria and NWDC. Michael and Deborah Sauri built their team around one mission: “Our thoughtful design builds fine living.” TriVistaUSA provides creative high-design solutions on time and on budget to achieve functional solutions for every client’s lifestyle.

Trivistausafenwick 17 Angelanewtonroyphotography

Photo by Angela Newton Roy

Our work:

Design choices can range from modern contemporary to classical, but each TriVistaUSA project begins with the same careful process: Intently listening to our clients’ needs and providing innovative design solutions that stem from extensive creative arts and design backgrounds. Our focused approach means every project is assigned a dedicated team who ensures every detail is designed and built with an artisan’s eye. Our clients receive a highly detailed start-to-finish experience that focuses on maximizing budgets to achieve customized and beautiful functionality.