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Vinson Hall Retirement Community

6251 Old Dominion Drive
McLean Virginia 22101
LaSean Murphy, Dining Services

Vinson Hall Retirement Community (VHRC) prides itself on providing individualized care and engagement to all of its residents. While all of VHRC’s staff exemplify this philosophy, LaSean Murphy, a 21-year VHRC employee, goes above and beyond. Each morning, one of LaSean’s many tasks is supplying the community’s numerous hydration stations with fruit-flavored water. As she navigates the hallways with dispensers of water, she gives everyone a cheery hello. 

During the pandemic as VHRC worked to keep residents safe by starting an in-house grocery delivery service, LaSean became a friendly grocery deliverer, filling each order with care and delivering it with a smile. LaSean also loves baking. Her scones and baked goods are always a hit at VHRC’s Farmers’ Market, which is held twice a month and features fresh fruits and vegetables as well as LaSean’s baked goods.

“It’s my purpose to be here,” LaSean says. “The residents are terrific, and my co-workers are the best team in the world.”

VHRC opened its doors 52 years ago, welcoming military officers and their families to senior living. From the beginning, VHRC’s values have been dignity, security and friendship. It’s always been a place where kindness flourishes. LaSean’s commitment to VHRC’s residents is just one example of the kindness and care found among all VHRC’s staff.

The VHRC Independent Living community is open to U.S. military officers and their families as well as leadership level (GS-14 or higher) federal government employees. Assisted living, skilled nursing, long-term nursing and memory care are open to the public.

It’s always been a place where kindness flourishes.”