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Vinson Hall Retirement Community

6251 Old Dominion Drive
McLean Virginia 22101

What makes Vinson Hall Retirement Community unique? Many of its residents share similar career or community service backgrounds and enjoy discussing current events or sharing stories of their travels. VHRC residents are also eager to give back to the community by assisting one another or leading lectures and discussions of interest.

Q: What living options are available at Vinson Hall Retirement Community (VHRC)?

A: VHRC includes five levels of residency: independent living, assisted living, nursing care, memory care and short-term rehabilitation. These communities are located on VHRC’s 23-acre campus in McLean.

Q: Who is eligible to move into VHRC?

A: Our independent living community is open to military officers and their families and leadership level (GS-14 and higher) government employees from any federal agency. Our other levels of residency are open to the public.

Q: When is the right time to join the waiting list for a senior living community?

A: While there’s no “right” age, we tell those who are considering joining our waitlist not to wait until they need to move. If you think living in a senior living community is a good option for you, it’s best to start making plans sooner rather than later. If you wait until it’s necessary, the process becomes much more stressful, and your desired accommodation may not be available. Plus, joining VHRC’s waitlist comes with great perks, such as having access to our state-of-the-art gym and fun weekend and evening events. 

Q: What advice can you offer for a successful move?

A: Begin downsizing as soon as you make the mental decision that a senior living community is the right choice for you. Downsizing can be an arduous process, so starting early and doing a little at a time makes the load easier to bear.