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Wendy Weinberger

President & Co-Founder, Illuminos Academic Coaching & Tutoring

Wendy Weinberger is president and co-founder of Illuminos, an academic, executive function coaching service that’s laser-focused on individual student needs. Her company’s sophisticated curriculum, whole-child approach, caring coaches and in-home customized sessions have resulted in Illuminos being hailed as one of the premier academic coaching companies in our region.

Q: What is Illuminos Academic Coaching & Tutoring?

A: We are an industry-leading academic coaching and tutoring organization offering in-person support to students in 3rd grade through college in and around the entire DMV area, as well as virtually throughout most of the world. The foundation of our service is our proprietary, scientifically validated and award-winning executive function (EF) curriculum. In addition to covering essential topics such as organization, time management, study skills and social competencies, Illuminos coaches/tutors support students across all of their subjects, standardized test prep and college applications.

Q: What are you doing to help families mitigate learning loss that resulted from Covid?

A: Using a cutting-edge and research-driven assessment tool, we develop a personalized learning plan for each student. This helps us identify how each student learns, as well as the specific EF skills that need to be strengthened. Using the resulting Learner Profile, we provide targeted academic coaching and tutoring to both fill in learning gaps and address EF challenges interfering with school success and achievement.

Q: What sets Illuminos’ award-winning curriculum and approach apart from other academic support companies?

A: We provide customized support for every child. We help students feel encouraged, empowered and motivated to steer their own academic journey. We integrate our curriculum into each child’s everyday life, working together with other members of the child’s support circle. Our goal is to help students become independent learners who perform to their potential using research-driven self-management strategies while maintaining social-emotional health.