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Winn Design + Build

Michael Winn
100 W. Jefferson St.
Falls Church Virginia 22046

Winn Design + Build is known for the comprehensive support they provide to each and every client, not only during the project but long after construction is complete. Owner Michael Winn is always sensitive to the fact that many of his clients are building or remodeling for the first time. “I know it can be overwhelming, but I do my best to reassure them,” says Winn, who has worked in the construction industry since he was a teenager. “I tell them that this is a tried-and-true process. We’ll walk them through every step.”

When meeting with new clients, Winn asks about their goals and what they look forward to achieving. He also wants to know if clients are feeling apprehensive. “One of the first questions I ask is, ‘What is your biggest concern with this project?’ How they respond helps me understand where they’re coming from,” he says. “I can then address their worries head-on.”

Whether creating a custom home, doing a whole-house renovation or building a major addition, every member of the Winn Design + Build team remains focused on the best interests of the client. “We treat them, their families and their homes the way we would want to be treated,” says Winn.

The award-winning team stays on top of the latest developments in the industry, including building science and smart home technology. Time and again, satisfied clients commend the Winn team for their professionalism, creativity and excellent craftsmanship. Clients also appreciate knowing who’s coming into their home every day. “Nearly everyone working in a client’s home, from architects and carpenters to interior designers, are Winn Design + Build employees,” says Winn. “We don’t outsource the important stuff.”

“We treat our clients, their families and their homes the way we would want to be treated.”