10 Spots For Singles On Valentine’s Day

Where to avoid that pesky, troublesome Cupid in and around Arlington.

Valentine’s Day is not for everyone—but it can be especially irksome for singles. In fact, those of us who have spent one (or more) of said holiday without a significant other generally have one objective: to get through the day with dignity intact. Sure, it’s tempting to hunker down on the couch with old episodes of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on Netflix instead of getting out of the house, but we all know that won’t help anyone. Here’s a handy guide to a “no moping allowed” Valentine’s Day.

New District Brewing Co. Facebook photo

New District Brewing Co.

The brewery is still working out the details, but says it will hold a “My Black Heart” Valentines party the Friday night before Valentine’s Day, complete with games and the release of a very dark imperial stout. Their reasoning? So many people break up the week before that there will surely be plenty of lonely hearts to nurse. Return to the brewery from 1-3 p.m. Sunday for a Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day Paint & Sip, which offers instruction on painting one scene across two canvases. It’s like the grown-up version of a BFF necklace.

New District Brewing Company, 2709 S. Oakland St., Arlington; www.newdistrictbrewing.com

Photo by Perretti Photography

Texas Jack’s 

Nothing screams “I’m not looking to score tonight” like chowing down on a huge plate of barbecued ribs. Between the sauce on your face, the meaty smell of your hands and the likely need for dental floss, there’s nothing left to do but order a beer and relax without worrying about trying to impress anyone. (And if you do manage to get a phone number with barbecue sauce on your chin, that one’s a keeper.)

Texas Jack’s Barbecue, 2761 Washington Boulevard, Arlington; www.txjacks.com

Photo courtesy of SER Restaurant


According to co-owner Javier Candon, the bright Spanish restaurant will serve its regular menu—along with a few decadent specials—to make sure everyone feels welcome on Valentine’s Day. “We want to welcome not only dates but families, friends, singles,” he says. “Who knows, they may even meet someone at our bar!” He recommends bending the friendly bartender’s ear and letting the food and wine flow.

SER, 1110 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington; www.ser-restaurant.com 

Marumen Facebook photo


A ramen joint is the perfect place to hit when you’re flying solo. There’s usually a bar, you can slurp to your heart’s content (which, while correct etiquette for eating the dish, still makes most Americans self-conscious) and worry not a whit about any sodium-induced bloating that’s sure to follow. And the beer list will ensure that you’re not subjected to forced sobriety on this sappiest of sappy evenings.

Marumen, 3250 Old Pickett Rd, Fairfax; marumenva.com

Fyve Restaurant courtesy photo

Fyve Restaurant Lounge

While the restaurant is going full gushy Valentine’s Day with a menu highlighting romantic cities of the world, the bar is a great place to perch and try the offerings from newly installed chef Alexander Gut. As an added enticement, singles who visit the bar from 4-6 p.m. that night can order $5 drinks from the lounge menu.

Fyve Restaurant Lounge, 1250 S. Hayes St., Arlington; ritzcarlton.com

Tigran Andronikovich Markaryan from Calypso Digital


Because nothing could be less sexy than a subterranean ode to a Balkan grandma, right? We kid, we kid. The team behind Ambar, which just opened this chic basement bar, can apparently make anything sexy. So turn up here with a few of your besties and treat yourselves to some gorgeous small plates and pretty cocktails.

BABA Bar, 2901 Wilson Blvd., Arlington; www.baba.bar

Photo courtesy of Hula Bar & Grill

Hula Girl Bar & Grill

Why not make your Valentine’s Day feel more like a Hawaiian vacation? In fact, round up some of your closest friends, order some tiki drinks, some Spam musubi and of course some poke and go ahead and plan a trip to Hawaii. Nothing takes the edge off a dark night like making a solid plan for something to look forward to. It’s impossible to feel sad when there’s a tropical trip in your future.

Hula Girl Bar & Grill, 4044 Campbell Ave., Arlington; hulagirlbarandgrill.com

Ray’s Hell Burger Twitter photo

Ray’s Hell Burger

There’s pretty much nothing that a great burger, a side of fries and a chaser of milkshake can’t cure—including a broken heart, even if only for the duration of the meal. Afterward, you’ll be so full and riding your carb high that you’ll either be ready for a night on the town or ready for a nap. Your call. Either way, you’ll feel better.

Ray’s Hell Burger, 1650 Wilson Blvd., Arlington; www.rayshellburger.com

Photo by Greg Powers

Pepita Cantina

Surely, margaritas are the official drink of the lovelorn. It’s written somewhere, right? At Pepita, you have a choice of five different kinds, including a frozen hibiscus and one flavored with pineapple, chili honey and Applejack. Order some guacamole and a whole mess of tacos, then regale your friends with the story of that time your ex did something really boneheaded during your last trip to Mexico. Laugh. Repeat.

Pepita Cantina, 4000 Wilson Blvd. (entrance on N. Quincy St.), Arlington; pepitabymic.com

Photo by Scott Suchman

DGS Delicatessen

Jewish comfort food may be just what the doctor ordered if you’re not so thrilled about being dateless. Indulge in the outstanding matzo-ball soup, anything involving brisket or corned beef and, of course, some latkes. Just steer clear of any and all nosy bubbes who might ask why you’re alone and whether you’d be interested in meeting her granddaughter or grandson.

DGS Delicatessen, 2985 District Ave. #115, Mosaic District; www.dgsdelicatessen.com

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