12 Home Hacks to Try Now

Simplify your life with these foolproof tips from professional organizers.

If winter clutter is ruling your life, then spring is the time to organize and refresh. The thought of overhauling your entire house may seem daunting—especially if you have kids who are constantly innovating new and creative ways to make messes—but a few simple tweaks can help you regain a modicum of control (and your sanity).  We asked the professional home organizers from Just Organize It in McLean and Organizing Maniacs in Tysons for tips on how to create a more functional home fast.  Here are a few simple, thoughtful moves to help you whip your kitchen, closet, bathroom or home office into shape.



 1. Use hooks to keep frequently used kitchen tools within reach.

With this simple addition to your backsplash, you’ll have easier access to the items you use most often—things like scissors, a colander or your favorite skillet.  Just be judicious about the number of tools you deem essential; otherwise you’ll defeat the purpose of keeping your kitchen clutter-free.

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