15 Amazing Bar Snacks

When you’re craving a drink and a nibble, these spots should top your go-to list.

What makes a bar snack great? Well, that may just depend on what time it is and how many drinks you’ve had. Are you still in the dainty nibbling phase, or are you ready to go all in on a giant bowl of smothered fries? No matter where you are in your evening, you’re probably not giving much thought to calorie counting, and the best snacks tend to be fried and salty. Or perhaps bready and cheesy. Or even both of the above with a dip on the side. After all, they’re bar snacks. Diet foods they are not.  But you won’t regret digging into these.

Pig Wings at B-Side. Photo courtesy of B-Side.

1. Pig Wings at B-Side

8298 Glass Alley, Mosaic District; bsidecuts.com

These pigs may not actually fly, but head butcher and executive chef Nate Anda cuts the pork spareribs ($9) about 2 inches long to make them more a manageable finger food — like wings. He also adds flavor by braising them with onion, herbs and garlic, and tossing them in butter spiced with Valentina hot sauce — the chef’s favorite. They’re served with a blue cheese dip, and beer director Greg Engert recommends pairing them with the hoppy Paranoid AleDroid from Triple Crossing Brewing Co.

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