6 Late-Night Bites That Satisfy

Calling all night owls. If you're out and you're hungry, go here.

I do my best to eat well during the day (read as: I’ll have cheese fries for lunch and balance them out with a salad for dinner). But I can’t resist a midnight snack, which is all the more appetizing when served from a greasy spoon. Happily, many area kitchens stay open late, so you’ve got options if you’re looking to accommodate that post-party pizza craving or 2 a.m. sweet tooth. Next time you’re out past your bedtime, treat your taste buds to one of these late-night indulgences.

Bob & Edith’s Facebook photo

1. Dessert Waffles at Bob & Edith’s

Open 24/7

It’s off menu…but they’ll make it. Ask for a Belgian waffle with three scoops of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberries and cherries (then thank me later).

Crystal City: 539 23rd St., Arlington

Columbia Pike: 2310 Columbia Pike, Arlington

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