6 Outdoor Fitness Classes to Get You Out of the House

Step away from the fridge and step outside for a workout. The fresh air will do you good.

Beautiful African American Woman In Sports Clothing Demonstrating Plank Exercise For Abdominal Strength.

As Northern Virginia prepares for Phase 3 reopening approval, residents of the country’s fittest city are double-knotting their sneakers and digging out their yoga mats, ready to leave the confines of live-streamed or on-demand workouts for in-person instruction. Well, some of us are anyway.

Phase 2 regulations require fitness centers to operate at 30% capacity – that number jumps to 75% in Phase 3 – but not everyone is comfortable being indoors with other people. Boutique gyms, which have had to get especially creative to stay viable during the pandemic, recognize that and are offering outdoor classes for anyone who wants to whittle away at their “quarantine 15” in the open air. Here are a few options for getting your heart rate up.

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