6 Outdoor Fitness Classes to Get You Out of the House

Step away from the fridge and step outside for a workout. The fresh air will do you good.
Sheila Cordaro

Personal trainer Sheila Cordaro


COR FIT founder Sheila Cordaro usually holds boot camp-style classes outdoors at Westover Park (1001 N. Kennebec St., Arlington) from April to November, but hasn’t been able to since the quarantine began. So, in April, she created StreetFit – essentially, a street party, but with exercise and social distancing.

“My clients are standing on the sidewalk and they’re 6 feet apart,” said Cordaro, who also offers classes via Facebook Live. “We set up cones and then I am in the middle of the street walking around leading the class…. It’s a way for people to feel like they could just basically walk outside of their front step and have a fitness class.”

Cordaro says she will resume her regular outdoor classes in mid-July. She or instructor Sarah Chase devote the first half of the one-hour boot camp-style workout to high-intensity work and the second half to strength training and core conditioning. Expect to do squats, lunges and planks with a twist – sometimes literally.

All participants bring a yoga mat and light weights of 3 to 5 pounds. A single class costs $15, a package of six is $87 and 10 is $135.

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