6 Outdoor Fitness Classes to Get You Out of the House

Step away from the fridge and step outside for a workout. The fresh air will do you good.


Formula Running Center

This running-centric studio’s first summer in business is keeping instructors on their toes. “If we weren’t going through a pandemic, we were planning to hold some sort of outdoor class and host outdoor running programs,” says studio manager Jenna Fatica. “We have a really big patio space connected to our studio, so it was just a no-brainer” to have yoga and foam-rolling instruction classes outside.

During Phase 1, the Clarendon gym started offering Formula HIIT and Run, a 60-minute class with sprint intervals and full-body conditioning using dumbbells, kettlebells and Bosu balls. The patio fits up to nine people within the Phase 2 rule of keeping exercisers 10 feet apart.

FRC started offering indoor classes on June 15, but “if people aren’t comfortable to come inside and they want more outdoor classes, we’re certainly going to listen to them,” Fatica says.

Bring a water bottle to the outdoor class. FRC provides mats and towels, but participants can bring their own. Class packages and membership are based on credits, with training classes costing one credit each.

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