8 Food Trucks That Call for a Lunch Break

These rolling restaurants have been around the block a time or two, and they're as good as ever.

Swizzler. Facebook photo.

7. Swizzler

The hot dogs this truck has been dishing up since 2013 aren’t just for kids. They’re 100 percent beef, halal, and have virtually nothing in common with the common cookout version.

The truck gets its name from the swirly-sliced look of its dogs, which are cut down the middle (like a curly straw) so that more of the meat gets that crispy edge, and  then topped with an Instagram-worthy array of fixings. There’s the “Leonardo Dog Vinci” with mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto; the “Feast Mode” with whipped goat cheese, onions, jalapenos and black pepper honey; or the “Abe Froman” with relish and fried pickles, onions, grape tomatoes and spicy mustard.

If those options don’t win you over to the hot dog team, there’s also a veggie dog (or pretzel bun) on the menu, plus side dishes such as truffle-Parmesan fries and crispy Brussels sprouts. The truck stops in Ballston about once a week.

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Urban Poutine. Facebook photo.

8. Urban Poutine

Gourmet French fry peddlers? The concept is unique enough that the experts predict it will stick around for a while, as one particularly well suited to food trucking (i.e. craveable). Urban Poutine has, since 2015, offered a surprising number of takes on the combination of fries, gravy and cheese curds.

Beyond the classic toppings (poutine gravy with white-cheddar curds), the truck also tops fries with andouille sausage, smoked bacon, short ribs, duck confit, chili and pulled pork. Not exactly a light lunch, but standing in line for it counts as exercise. Look for the truck in Rosslyn.

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