8 Indie Shops to Visit This Holiday Season

Find the perfect gift and support local small businesses in one fell swoop.

Something international…

Experience isn’t what made Trade Roots happen. Owner Lisa Ostroff says the fair-grade gift shop and café was built on passion, something those with similar convictions will surely appreciate. “I have always felt strongly that people in developing countries need and want just what we, in the Global North: access to food, shelter and medical care, and a way to love, protect and educate our children,” says the independent retailer. “Giving artisans an access to our markets allows that.” We’re talking about artisans from Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Cambodia – those are just the “main ones,” she says. As for the products, there’s a wide variety of housewarming gifts, scarves, jewelry and clothes – Alpaca plaid ponchos and fleece lined alpaca gloves are new, and adding more ethically sourced clothes is a focus for 2020. With any purchase this Small Business Saturday, shoppers will receive a complimentary token to take home or pass along to someone who needs it: a soapstone heart or Tagua nut inscribed with warm-and-fuzzy words like “love,” “blessed,” “gratitude,” “serenity,” “hope” and “dream.” // 5852 Washington Blvd., Arlington (Westover)

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