8 Places For Great Cupcakes

Where to satisfy your craving for the paper-wrapped indulgences.

Hostess cupcake at Buzz Bakeshop. Photo courtesy of Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

3. Buzz Bakeshop

Retro décor also signals retro cupcakes – vanilla with vanilla frosting, vanilla with chocolate frosting, chocolate with vanilla frosting, chocolate with chocolate frosting. Oh, and remember Hostess cupcakes and s’mores? Buzz has come up with versions that approximate both. The s’mores cupcake includes a graham-cracker crumble and part of a chocolate bar on top, while the Hostess one is a classed-up version of the original: a cream-filled cupcake with a chocolate mousse top, dipped in glaze and finished with a white squiggle.

Buzz Bakeshop, 818 N. Quincy St., Arlington

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