A New Roost for Blue Egg Brown Nest

Arlington design service finds new home at Lucketts

Note: Blue Egg Brown Nest is now closed in Lucketts for the season. Keep an eye out for the store to pop up again at their annual flea market and other special events.


Furniture-makeover magician Christen Bensten has a new nest. The Arlington-based mom of three and founder of the popular blog and interior design service Blue Egg Brown Nest has taken her refinished furniture and vintage housewares to the Old Lucketts Store in Lucketts, Virginia. This is prime placement, considering that the general store-turned-collaborative-boutique boasts a cult following and a 10-year waiting list for designers looking to showcase their wares. Though Bensten still lists items for sale on her website, you can now see the actual refurbished furniture and accessories at the store.

“I aim for a thoughtful mix of old and new,” says the designer, who uses her own taste as her guide and refinishes many of her furniture finds in chalk paint. Muted tones are her calling card. “I gravitate toward blues, grays, creams and tans. If you do something in a neutral palette, you have the flexibility to move it around within your space.”

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