An Eastern European Pastry Makes its Debut at Westover

There's babka at the Westover Farmers Market!

Babka, a joke on a “Seinfeld” episode, is a serious affair for Liliana Lukitch. The 60-year-old grandmother founded “Bubby’s Babkas” in 2015 and has started selling the delicious treat usually only seen at holidays (probably because making it is a complicated process involving yeast and braiding skills) at the Westover Farmers Market.

Babkas, also known as krantz cakes, are yeast cakes filled with chocolate, cinnamon or other flavors, eaten with tea or coffee. They’re a great addition to a dinner party or a book club meeting.

Lukitch also sells rugelach in flavors such as raspberry, apricot and blackberry made from her own fruit preserves, as well as spanakopita and baklava. She’s at the Westover Farmers Market, which runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday, and hopes to start selling her delicacies at other area markets in the spring. As for the “Bubby” in the name, Lukitch, who is from the former Yugoslavia, says: “I am bubby; I am grandmother.”; 703-650-9418

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