Ceramic Style: Ware Clay

If you're partial to home goods that are rustic and handmade, you'll like this local studio.

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When HGTV’s Lauren Liess (an interior designer and co-host of Best House on the Block) needs a bespoke pair of lamps or a set of custom-stamped tiles for a client’s home, she calls on pal Lindsey Augustine. The two were classmates at James Madison University, where Augustine majored in studio arts and fell in love with the idea of creating functional art for a living. After graduation, Augustine taught ceramics at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington and the former Kids N Clay studio in McLean before taking on a full-time teaching position at Justice High School in Falls Church.

Augustine is also the creative force behind Ware Clay, a line of ceramic housewares and jewelry that she runs out of her home studio in Falls Church. The name references the stages of pottery production: “greenware” (an unfired piece); “bisqueware” (fired but not glazed); and finally, “glazeware” (finished). Her penchant for simple, organic forms is reflected in speckled bowls, textured mugs and other functional pieces that double as art.

“I love to make,” she says. “I find inspiration in my travels. I’ve been using these woodblock stamps on my vases—an idea that I got when I was in India. I’m always looking for something to cut a good shape or add a good texture.” Shop Ware Clay products at The Urban Farmhouse (5140 Wilson Blvd., Arlington) or @WareClay on Instagram, where you’ll find info about seasonal shopping events. wareclay.weebly.com

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