Mike Higgins

“With eternal love to my wife, Shannon—and all who’ve magnified the best of us—on this 20th anniversary of our marriage.”

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In May 1998, Shannon Williams and I sat atop a rock overlooking the Potomac River in Great Falls Park to discuss our months-old relationship. After several hours, we decided to abandon individual plans to attend graduate schools on opposite coasts to embrace a future together in our adopted Arlington home.

We returned to that same rock one year later. I surprised her with “Shannon’s Rock”—the first and only unassigned poem I’ve ever written (much less uttered). We left newly engaged and were married on May 13, 2000.

Our engagement began with a poem about our courtship. On this day, our 20th anniversary, my second poetic effort (Covid) chronicles the circles of community that have enriched and amplified our love for each other over the years. They remain our most cherished and enduring gains during this time of loss.

Our Flock

Your flock is my flock
And my flock is yours
Whether traveling afar
Or confined to indoors

Endless family of Irish
And Jews from New Jersey
The most thoughtful and kind
You’ll find from Missouri

The three we created
C, E, and J
Our love grows through them
The rest of our days

The Hoyas of Georgetown
The Bears of Wash U
GW, Hoos!

Speaker group banter
Our neighborhood, Scorpions
ShamWows and Manther

Sparks, Stars, and PK
Patriots too
Phoenix and Rangers
’01 and ’02

Rallies and marches
For good, against hate
Eyes, minds, hearts opened
By those we debate

The ones we have lost
Those near and apart
Our flock holds joy
And grief in our hearts

On our special day
Intended for two
We feel incomplete
Without all of you

Our decades-old love
Exceeds every measure
Enriched by the flock
Of people we treasure

Happy Anniversary, Shannon


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