Coast Through Dry January With These Zero-Proof Cocktails

From faux-ritas to infusions of coconut milk and cold-pressed juice, these drinks are big on flavor, minus the booze.
Pineapple Faux Rita

There’s no need to dread Dry January, given the wide array of zero-proof drinks in and around Arlington, including the Pineapple Jalapeño Faux-Rita at Circa. (Photo by Aaron Rentfrew)

Nonalcoholic drinks have many upsides, including their price point. But if the thought of teetotaling through January with nothing but water and tea makes you cringe, have no fear. Plenty of restaurants and bars in the Arlington area are well-stocked with sip-worthy, zero-proof drinks. Here are some highlights:

Pineapple Jalapeño Faux-Rita at Circa

Fruity drinks aren’t just for the summer—the Pineapple Jalapeño Faux-Rita at Circa (including its newest location, in Tysons) incorporates lime, agave and lemon-lime soda, touched off with a fiery rim ($8). If you prefer a citrusy quaff sans spice, try the Grapefruit Rose Fizz, featuring rosemary and lemon ($7). // 1675 Silver Hill Drive, Tysons and 3010 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington 

Hot Cider Julep Pr

Hot Mulled Cider at Bar Ivy features star anise and clove. (Photo courtesy of Bar Ivy)

Hot Mulled Cider at Bar Ivy

If you like your mocktails warm, look no further than this drink from newish Clarendon eatery Bar Ivy. The steaming beverage ($6) makes use of local apples, cinnamon, star anise, clove and citrus peel. Not your speed? The Cali-minded restaurant also serves house-made root beer ($6) (featuring locally foraged sassafras), as well as a rotating list of zero-proof drinks “du jour.” // 3033 Wilson Blvd., Suite 115R, Arlington (Clarendon)

Br Zeroproof

All the NA cocktails at Brass Rabbit Public House feature cold-pressed juice. (Photo courtesy of Brass Rabbit)

Forever Young at Brass Rabbit Public House

Looking for a refreshment that’s truly fresh? All the zero-proof drinks at this Clarendon watering hole use cold-pressed, raw juices from Sterling-based Greenheart Juice Shop. Highlights include the Apple Crisp ($10)—made with citrus, ginger and cinnamon—as well as Forever Young ($10), an elixir of pineapple, cucumber, aloe, lemon and coconut water. // 1210 N. Garfield St., Arlington (Clarendon)

Img 6189

This Maison Cheryl mocktail blends blood orange juice with lime and vanilla. (Photo courtesy of Maison Cheryl)

Sanguine at Maison Cheryl

If you’re feeling sanguine about the new year (or just trying to stay optimistic about your ability to make it through Dry January), try this blend of blood orange juice, lime and vanilla ($8). The cozy French-American cafe also serves a Honey-Ginger Lemonade ($6) that can probably cure whatever ails you, featuring house-made syrup and lemon. // 2900 Wilson Blvd., Arlington (Clarendon)

Salt Non Alcoholic

The Smokeshow at Salt (left) includes passionfruit-basil soda. (Photo by Mike McElroy)

Smokeshow at Salt

Love is Blind Season 3 fans are no stranger to the term “smokeshow.” But this mix of Lapsang black tea, ginger, lime and passionfruit-basil soda ($8) shouldn’t land you in any hot water.  Another spice-forward option at the Rosslyn bar is Another One Bites the Husk ($8), featuring coconut milk, coconut water, corn-horchata syrup and cinnamon. // 1201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington (Rosslyn)

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