Get Fired Up With 3 Fireplace Makeovers

Interior designer Andrea Houck turns three basic hearths into something special.

AFTER photo by Lydia Cutter

Mod Marble

When this family in Arlington’s Balmoral neighborhood set out to give their lower-level rec room a makeover, they wanted a fireplace to match. The original brick one felt dated, and its position on the wall was oddly off center. “We re-imagined the entire space instead of doing just a quick surround switch,” Houck explains. “That meant shifting the hearth’s position on the wall, for symmetry, with built-in storage niches on either side. We also raised the fireplace box to eye level and converted it from wood burning to gas.”

In place of the old brick surround, the owners opted for an exotic, lavender-gray-grained Eramosa marble that runs all the way to the ceiling. Houck specified vinyl-plank flooring (a durable manufactured product that looks like wood, but is easy to clean and maintain) in a complementary warm gray. “It’s soft under foot and water resistant, making it perfect for a basement,” the designer says. The furnishings are pieces the family already owned that were re-purposed to match the rec room’s new color scheme. A side chair, which Houck reupholstered in a purple, grey and olive fabric, provides a splash of color.  And a Swedish modern coffee table and end table, refinished with a glossy white lacquer, now look brand new.


Project rendering by Andrea Houck


Final Touch Productions
L&S Electric
R. Bratti Associates

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