Halloween Decor in Arlington To Get Thrilled About

Giant spiders, ghoulish graveyards and Pac-Man pumpkins may be popping up in a neighborhood near you.

Img 9032

It’s almost Halloween—that black-and-orange-tinged time of year when everywhere you look, there’s a fabric ghost, plastic skull or felt jack-o’-lantern. We took some strolls around Arlington to check out the frights, er … sights. Take a peek, if you dare.


Now we know her beauty secrets.

Img 9060 1

Here’s a good way to upcycle all those toy dog bones.

Img 9038

Combat any arachnophobia with the exposure therapy that comes with this lawn display.

Img 9045

“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Interrupting skeleton.” “Interrupting—” “Boo!”

Img 9055

Wonder where this Pac-Man pumpkin goes next when he gets hungry for more …

Img 9044

Must take a while to complete a pedicure for this feline.

Img 9051 1

A real fashion plate.

Day Of The Dead

Cobwebs in your brain are no good, but they apparently look pretty stylish on one’s forehead.



Oops! I swear that light pole came out of nowhere.

Img 0027

Enter if you dare…

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