How to Make the Most of Fall Farmers Markets

Autumn is the best time to supplement your grocery-store run with farm-stand produce.

Dairy products from Coulter Farms at the Ballston Farmers Market. Photo by Whitney Pipkin.

4. Order Ahead

If you want to buy peak produce in bulk, ask your favorite vendor if you can order the week before. Some are happy to set aside a box for pickup, particularly for regulars. “If you’re doing a bulk order, you’re likely to get a better selection,” Tydings advises. Especially if you’re on the lookout for in-season fruit such as the bite-size Gala apples that are perfect for popping into kids’ lunch bags, or late-season grapes you hope to turn into jelly.

Planning ahead can be advantageous for goodies beyond produce, too. That French baker who is always out of pain au chocolat by 11 o’clock? Drop them a line and ask if they’ll set some set aside for pickup at a certain time.

Signing up for email newsletters from your favorite vendors will also give you a heads up on specialty items that are offered in short supply and likely to sellout quickly, like perishable soft cheeses.

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