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Arlington Designer Homes Construction, LLC

4719 24th Road North
Arlington Virginia 22207


Andrew Moore is President of Arlington Designer Homes. As an Arlington native, he has served his community in many different ways, including as a translator at the Arlington Free Clinic and President of the Custom Builders Council. Mr. Moore lives in South Arlington with his wife, two kids and dog Sara.

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Our work:

Arlington Designer Homes is a true custom design-build firm. We specialize in green and energy efficient building. We are the proud winners of more Arlington County Green Home Choice awards than any other firm. 

We build new custom homes and remodels in and around Northern Virginia, and we never build the same house twice. As an Arlington-based company, we understand what it takes to design and build within the regulations and process of Arlington County. 

The first step in every new project is understanding what you can and cannot do. Any construction project, whether building new or remodeling, is complicated. We have broken that process down into manageable parts and created systems that allow us to better serve each customer’s unique needs on a project-by-project basis. Visit our website at www.arlingtondesignerhomes.com or contact us today at arlingtondesignerhomes@gmail.com for a professional consultation. We build for the way you live!