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Bolt Builders

Justin Olewack
1408 N. Filmore St., Suite 2
Arlington Virginia 22201

BOLT Builders: DESIGNED WITH PURPOSE, built on quality. We believe great building is rooted in integrity; relationships are built on trust and respect; craftsmanship is enamored with details; and quality is driven by control. 

Years ago, Justin Olewack made a life-changing decision. “I elected to forego the security of a job to build a company that has meaning and purpose,” he recalls. Looking back today, the president and founder of BOLT Builders is certain he chose the right path.

“It hasn’t always been a bed of roses,” he admits. “But I love the details and creativity this business offers. I’m an artist and my canvas is the home I’m constructing.”

BOLT Builders are people-centric builders that do more than transform a home. “We create a living experience through impeccable craftsmanship and detail-focused design,” Olewack says.

The company employs a variety of new technologies to help their clients. Clients have every piece of project data at their fingertips in real time. Live Critical Path schedules provide clarity on the status of their projects, while daily job logs with photos make it possible to see the progress evolve.

With experience gained from having overseen $230 million of residential and commercial production construction work over the past fifteen years, what advice would Olewack offer someone just starting out in the building profession? “Stay focused on your core offering — for instance, choosing quality over quantity,” he says. “It’s easy to get all sorts of projects, but to be known for quality and great service on great projects takes years of refinement and discipline.”