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Close Partners

Karen Close & Candee Currie
5904 Washington Blvd.
Arlington Virginia 22205
Karen: 703-517-9477 | Candee: 703-203-6005

Q: What’s your approach to real estate and to working with clients?

A: Karen: Our approach is simple. We share our experience and knowledge of the market from the 2,000+ real estate transactions we have had the privilege of completing. The journey to buy or sell is all about you. When Candee and I meet with clients, we do a little more asking than telling. Our common purpose is to be the best advocate we can be for you, our client.  Trust is a hard word in business, but our clients do trust us and we own the details to ensure successful outcomes. 

Q: How is real estate changing?

A: Candee: Technology can only do so much. We combine technology’s benefits with a personal touch, taking care of the details, understanding the market and working creatively for our clients.  

Karen: Real estate has changed in many ways, yet in other ways it hasn’t changed at all. We find the most dramatic difference is that house hunting has become digital, transactions are paperless and communication is often voiceless (due to texting). As for the unchanged, it is the people. Clients must have expert guidance and experienced agents to answer questions—preferably before they need to be asked. And just as importantly, we continue to be by your side every step of the way!

Q: What should potential clients know about you?

A: Candee: Our work history and success over the course of our careers defines who we are and how we advocate for our clients. Simply put, we know real estate and real estate knows us.

“It’s not only how much you know, it’s also about how much you care.” Karen and Candee are savvy professionals who care about how they do business and they care about you. They are unmatched in the industry.

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