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Commonwealth Restorations

Josh Newfield
2430 S. Kenmore St.
Arlington Virginia 22206

What should potential clients know about you?
As a local business, we are Arlington based and focused. We not only work here, we live here. Ninety-five percent of our projects are located in the county, so we understand the unique needs and desires of Arlingtonians.

We do all of our design work in-house, which allows us to keep costs down. Our process is quite collaborative. We work closely with our clients throughout the project in order to ensure that they are absolutely thrilled with the ultimate results. We listen to their wishes and dreams, and then we use our expertise and experience to make them a reality.
Our biggest challenge—and one we fully embrace—is devising creative solutions to our clients’ problems that fit within their budget. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to live in their forever home that makes them happy every time they walk into it.

How does technology play into your daily work?
We fully embrace the growing role of technology in the building industry. Keeping up with the latest innovations is important and we work to keep ourselves educated, so that our customers benefit.

We take pride in being easy to work with and always available, and communication plays a large role in that. We are disrupting our customers’ lives, be it for a short time or a longer stretch. We schedule regular meetings throughout the course of the project, whether in the home or in our office, and technology helps facilitate those meetings. By keeping our clients informed about the status of their projects, we can lessen the impact on their daily routines. But regardless of the technology involved, we make sure that our clients are always able to reach a live person.

New homes; Whole home renovations; Additions of any size (kitchens, bathrooms, screen porches)