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Joseph Moubray, Owner

Salon Anu
900 N. Randolph St.
Arlington Virginia 22203

How do you cater Salon Anu services to all the millennials in Ballston?

We have many younger customers because I think they trust us with their hair and image. We’ve earned their trust too, by offering cuts and color that really meets their needs.

Those just beginning in the workforce are moving away from free expression to a more sophisticated and professional image. Yet they’re actually redefining what’s professional today, too. I love this generation. They open themselves up to silhouettes and interesting styles. We can help them with hair that works from their daily professional life to their evening lives, when they’re dating, meeting with friends, exercising and doing yoga. We’re completely in tune with that lifestyle.

Why do so many younger people rely on Salon Anu for color, too?

Color is really our number one thing and we get it right. More than 90 percent of our clients see our stylists for color and we offer several different levels of protein, conditioning and straightening treatments.

This is a young area, with so many people living and working here. This generation once did all kinds of wild colors and styles, and now they need more subtle shades and hair calming procedures. They also want to move away from chemicals to natural processes. We can help with that. We love our 20- and 30-something professional clients. They’re smart, brave and they always leave us loving their new looks.

It’s wonderful that we’re right in the middle of this young town. We’re located at 9th and Stafford Streets, just a block from the Ballston Metro and across from the National Science Foundation. Come see us.