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Leah Fried Sedwick

Owner, Olde Towne Pet Resort
8101 Alban Road
Springfield Virginia 22150
Other locations in Dulles and North Bethesda

One of the first things people notice when they visit an Olde Towne Pet Resort is the serene, welcoming atmosphere. You’d never guess that dozens of cats and dogs are playing, sleeping—even swimming—inside. Owner Leah Fried Sedwick has thought of everything, including an air filtration system that pumps in clean air every few minutes to reduce airborne contaminants and keep the place smelling fresh. “We do all we can to create the happiest, healthiest environment for our four-legged guests,” she says. Soundproofed walls ensure that pets don’t get stressed out by other barking dogs. Suites are equipped with plush beds, automatic water dispensers and plenty of natural light.

Pet owners can choose from a variety of spa treatments such as “pawicures” with choice of polish, hypoallergenic warm oil treatments and blueberry facials to brighten white fur. They even have access to webcams so they can watch their dogs being pampered.

“Dogs have always been very special to me and to my whole family,” says Fried Sedwick, who opened the first Olde Towne Pet Resort in Springfield with her late father, Mark Fried, in 2002. Her father encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit and supported her idea to bring the amenities of a luxury hotel to the pet-boarding industry. Since 2002, Fried Sedwick has renovated the Springfield resort and opened two more locations in Dulles and North Bethesda, MD. “At all three of our locations, we offer the largest outdoor/indoor day camp spaces in the region,” she says. “Everything we do is beneficial for the dogs. We give them plenty of mental and physical exercise.” Each resort offers massages, one-on-one agility play sessions and even doggie Pilates.