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Michael B. Rogers, DDS

Fairlington Dental
4850 31st St. South, Suite A
Arlington Virginia 22206

What made you decide to become a dentist?
I decided to become a dentist because I had so much experience as a patient. High fevers as a young child stunted the growth of enamel on my developing permanent teeth. When they came in, they were grayish brown stumps of dentin instead of white enamel-covered teeth. These weak teeth were very susceptible to decay, so I ended up with cavities on virtually every permanent tooth. My childhood dentist seemed well-meaning, but he was not very gentle and the Novocaine rarely worked, so I experienced a lot of pain during the fillings. Kids at school thought I never brushed my teeth, even though I probably did twice as often as anyone else. These experiences led to my true passion for making the entire dental experience as comfortable and painless as humanly possible.

What brings you the most satisfaction in your work?
It’s very rewarding to help patients who are struggling with the same challenges I’ve dealt with in the past. Many of my patients used to be self-conscious about their smile, and now they’re smiling again. This hits home for me because cosmetic dentistry really improved my life. When I got veneers on my teeth as an adult, I could smile with confidence. It literally changed my personality.

I also enjoy helping my patients live pain-free. I suffered from TMJ for 20 years without even realizing that I had the condition. I didn’t know that TMJ was the source of my backaches and headaches. When I was treated for TMJ, all of my pain was gone. Now I’m able to bring that kind of relief to my patients.

Awards and Honors
Arlington Magazine Best of Arlington Top Vote-Getter; U.S. Commerce Association Best of Arlington Award; 5-star Google reviews; #1 Dentist in DC area on Dr. Oogle