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MLS Educational Consultants

6830 Elm St.
McLean Virginia 22101

The world’s most successful people understand there is always more to learn. That’s why MLS Educational Consultants, founded by Mary Lou Sullivan in 1981, does much more than help clients learn content, study for tests and finish homework. With highly trained, compassionate and intellectually flexible educators, MLS provides comprehensive learning services to students of all learning abilities and ages—from preschool to graduate school—providing lifelong skills that translate to the working world.

“We teach our clients how to be students for life,” says Loretta D’Ermes, an MLS parent for 13 years before joining the team in 2015. “They’ll always need to know how to prioritize and manage a workload.”

All programming, which includes private and group tutoring, standardized test prep, and college admissions support, is tailored to individual needs. MLS forms a team around each client, often collaborating with parents, teachers and other support service providers to maximize student growth