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MWM Legal Group, PLLC

200 N. Glebe Road, Suite 1000
Arlington Virginia 22203
Courtney McCarthy, Elizabeth L. Wildhack and Lamya Moosa

Q: What makes MWM Legal Group unique?

A: Diversity of experience and expertise. We specialize in estate planning, estate and trust administration, family law, special needs planning and elder law. We help our clients avoid or navigate some of the most challenging times in their lives. Our legal team is smart, compassionate, warm and highly experienced—and that comes from their careers in different industries prior to becoming attorneys, combined decades of legal experience and connecting to our clients on a personal level.

Q: What should potential clients know about your firm?

A: We listen first. We dedicate our time in each consultation to carefully understanding the needs of each individual and each family. Our lawyers never go into a meeting with a potential client with an agenda or a list of services to sell. We want to help. We stay focused on what is best for our clients instead of our profitability. While we love to work collaboratively with other lawyers, we are always ready to head to court if necessary.

Q: How do you relate to your clients?

A: At MWM Legal Group, we understand that every person, family and situation is unique. As a result, we invest the time to understand our clients and help them define and clarify their needs and objectives, and we get them where they want or need to be. We understand that these are highly personal matters, and we develop real and personal relationships with our clients. In fact, we have many families for whom we have served multiple generations.

Contemplating and dealing with major life events is incredibly stressful. You deserve expert advice to help you make important decisions about your legacy and your future. Our experienced and compassionate team at MWM Legal Group is here to help you plan for your family’s present and future.