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Patty Couto

3001 Washington Blvd., Suite 400
Arlington Virginia 22201

What woman inspires you and why?
Easy. My mom. Growing up, I watched her work very hard to pursue the American dream. She was raised on a small farm in central Mexico and became an executive at a major American corporation. Her drive and passion were passed on to me. I take extreme pride in my work while guiding and supporting my clients through one of the most emotional experiences and important financial transactions of their lives. After retiring, my mom now works alongside me bringing a different perspective to my business.

What’s the best advice you’ve received and how has it helped you?
I was told on my first day of college and my first day of real estate, “look at the person on your left and your right, chances are they will no longer be here in a year.” This statement ignited in me the drive to prove them wrong. I believe that by always doing the right thing and providing superior service to my clients I will continue to succeed.