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Sher, Cummings and Ellis

Sher, Cummings and Ellis
3800 Fairfax Dr., Suite 7
Arlington Virginia 22203

Sher, Cummings and Ellis was established in 1983 by two Arlington lawyers, Mark Cummings and David Sher, who were determined to start a law firm committed to providing quality services to the local community. They represent clients in wrongful death, personal injury, defamation and business disputes, as well as criminal cases. The firm also prides itself on effective representation of juvenile offenders.

What are your legal backgrounds?
David Sher served as a prosecutor in Arlington County, winning notoriety by successfully prosecuting the murderer of an Arlington county police officer. Mark Cummings won plaudits for his aggressive courtroom tactics while defending former FBI Associate Director Mark Felt, who was subsequently identified as Woodward and Bernstein’s source, “Deep Throat.” Grace Williams joined the law firm in 2017. She was formerly counsel to a Senate Committee on Ethics and worked in the Executive Branch.

Sher and Cummings have practiced personal injury and criminal law for over 35 years and take pride in achieving the best possible results for their clients.