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The Prendergast Team

Will, Marianne, Brian & Maggie Prendergast
1364 Beverly Road, Suite 100
McLean Virginia 22101

Q: How do you meet your clients’ needs?

A: Our clients know that when they work with us for their real estate needs, they have immediate access to 30 years of in-depth market knowledge, supplemented with a far-reaching network of active Realtors, top-of-the-line marketing, and current knowledge of buyer and seller desires. The real estate market has been evolving at a rapid pace recently, further emphasizing the benefits of working with an experienced team.

We love when our passion for real estate shines through, and there is no better feeling than seeing our clients integrate into their neighborhoods and communities. As a 24/7 group of Realtors, we are available at all times of the day, seven days a week, to ensure our clients are making informed, thoughtful real estate decisions.

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