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The Wise Investor Group

Simon R.B. Hamilton, Managing Director
11951 Freedom Drive, Suite 1000
Reston Virginia 20190

Q: What makes your client experience unique?

A: The Wise Investor Group is dedicated to fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients—helping people just like you build a future centered around the things that matter most to your everyday life and future. From relieving financial stress to securing your future, our team is committed to serving your unique needs and goals and helping you navigate whatever life may bring.

We believe strongly in the marriage of portfolio management and financial planning. Every investment decision is made in the context of a written, well-articulated plan. Frequent interactive client reviews involve both a portfolio manager and planner to make sure we are always working cohesively to meet the client’s goals and objectives. We strive to help our clients remain tethered to their financial plans and disciplined in their focus, while limiting the impact of any biases such as political leanings and hyper-focus on short-term headline “noise.”

Q: What piece of advice do you most frequently get asked and what’s your answer?

A: I get asked the simple yet crucial question, “How much can I spend without running out of money?” by both retirees and those planning for retirement almost every day. This is why we focus on needs-based planning: We start with the types of spending it takes for the client to have a fruitful retirement, which includes charitable giving and gifting to family, factors in taxes and inflation, and then determines the type of saving rates and investment returns it will take to get there.


  • Forbes Top 250 Wealth Advisors 2021
  • Forbes Best In-state Wealth Advisors 2021
  • Barron’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors Professionals 2021
  • Financial Times Top Financial Professionals 2020
  • Northern Virginia Magazine Top Financial Professionals 2021