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Vinson Hall Retirement Community

From Left: Ivanka Guillen, Rachelle Robinson, Stephanie Lawrence, Taylor Altomare, Kayla Bennett
6251 Old Dominion Dr.
McLean Virginia 22101

Q: When should I start looking for senior housing options?

A: It’s never too early—we have people join Vinson Hall Retirement Community’s waitlist up to five or 10 years before they intend on moving. Informed decisions tend to be our best decisions, so we encourage people to plan ahead rather than wait and react, if or when a crisis arises. Most people make financial plans for what they want their lives to look like when they retire, but few prepare for future healthcare needs. There are so many people who are going to be reaching retirement age and housing options are not going to be able to meet those demands. Here at VHRC we recommend that, at least a year or two out, you start researching different communities. You deserve to be able to choose where you want to live and not have to settle on wherever space is available.

Q: What tips do you have for finding the right community for me?

A: Tour communities and engage in activities to see where you feel most comfortable. We invite everyone on our waitlist to participate in our dining programs, special events, lectures, group trips, concerts, movies and more. Waitlist members can also join our fitness center and work with our personal trainers for a small fee.

Q: Why choose Vinson Hall?

A: People think moving to a retirement community means their life has to slow down, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Our array of activities, which includes everything from photography, dance and art classes, to organized trips to wineries, restaurants, theaters and museums, is resident-driven and helps our residents embrace living their lives to the fullest. VHRC is surrounded by a wide variety of shopping and dining destinations here in McLean, but we’re also just a short trip from all of the Washington, D.C. attractions.