Great Spaces: Lounging in Luxury

A master bedroom transforms into a cozy retreat.

Photo by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

The first thing to go after Robyn and David Quattrone bought their McLean home near Lewinsville Park was a space-hogging, pyramid-shaped fireplace in the center of the master bedroom. The challenge then became identifying a look that they could both embrace.

At the recommendation of their remodeler, Ali Tatari, the Quattrones turned to Arlington designers Melanie Whittington and Angela Sentz for help. “They wanted a gender-neutral, organic, W-esque feeling,” Whittington says, referring to the chic hotel chain, with a serene palette of grays and blues. The couple also wanted a comfortable place to curl up with sons Leo, 11, and Nate, 9, who attend Landon School in Bethesda.

Photo by Stacy Zarin-Goldberg

As a focal point, the design team chose a colorful embroidered linen by Romo for the bed’s main accent pillow. Keeping to the blue-gray spectrum everywhere else, Whittington and Sentz found variety in texture—a mirrored tabletop, shagreen bedside tables, a leather ottoman. “That’s what makes the space not look flat,” Whittington explains.

Robyn admits to being nervous at first about having a television in the bedroom, but the room’s layout lent itself to two distinct zones. The sleeping area features a high, pitched ceiling, while a sitting area at the opposite end of the long space (see inset photo) is marked by a lower, flat ceiling. The latter is a cozy spot that’s proved perfect for family time, she says: “The boys and I get under a blanket and watch TV here all the time.”

WE LOVE THIS SPACE BECAUSE…“It’s really comfy and warm, and we can all be in our PJ’s and just hang out.”

Project Credits:
Whittington Design Studio

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