Great Spaces: Master Bath Envy

An Arlington master bath makeover by TriVista USA shows the magic of clean lines.

Photo by Darko Photography

Emily Shapiro and Jon Gibbons knew they wanted a nicer master bath from the time they bought their Lyon Park house in 2006. But with two small children and other life priorities, renovation wasn’t an immediate concern. Fast-forward to 2015 and they were finally ready.

The previous owners had converted a secondary bedroom into a master bath and walk-in closet in a 1998 remodel that included a master-bedroom addition over a new family room and kitchen. “It was a decent-sized space,” Shapiro says, “but it didn’t have a bathtub, which is the primary thing. We really wanted a tub.”

So the couple called on Michael Sauri of TriVistaUSA to expand the master bath by borrowing a bit more space from their closet and bedroom. This, Sauri says, was easier said than done, given that the renovation straddled the old house (circa-1928) and the new addition. “The old house was so un-level that we had to gut every single wall, rip out the ceilings and take out all the flooring,” explains the Arlington remodeler.

Finishes such as Carrara marble, subway tile and glass drawer knobs now give the retreat a classic aesthetic. “We wanted a nod to the past, but fresh looking,” Shapiro says. The specs also include a long, deep tub and a spacious shower—with the showerhead installed 7 feet high—to accommodate Gibbons’ 6-foot-3-inch frame.

“By Arlington standards, this is not the smallest bathroom,” Sauri says, “but it’s not a big bathroom, either. It just works big.”

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