Home Decor and Accessories You’ll “Swoon For”

The name of Hillary Leo's online shop says it all.

You know that statement piece that you build an outfit—or a room—around? That one dazzling item that everyone asks about, wondering where they can get one for themselves? That thing that you, say, swoon for?

Hillary Leo does. A former fashion and photo editor with a passion for traveling, Leo lives in Arlington’s Old Glebe neighborhood, where her wardrobe and home are filled with where’d-you-get-that pieces that tell the story of a life of adventure. And now, her new online boutique, Swoon For, allows the rest of us to take advantage of her unique style sensibilities. The site is populated with jewelry, accessories and home décor from small-batch artisans around the globe.

“I only choose products that I would want in my own home—preferably from companies that give back to their artisans,” Leo explains of her vendor selection. “There’s so much stuff out there that’s mass-produced to look like artisanal work. But you can tell when it’s authentic. And you appreciate it more.”

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