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Forget the long stems. Here's a chic new way to say, 'I love you' with a classic Valentine's Day flower. 🌹
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Classic flowers, contemporary presentation by Privé Roses (Photo by Carlos Martinez)

“A rose is a rose is a rose,” Gertrude Stein famously wrote. But the way these iconic flowers are presented by Privé Roses is most certainly out of the ordinary. Delivering exclusively to Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., floral designer Lizbeth Melendez-Perez has found a new way of using an old medium to tell someone special you care. 

“Roses have been a symbol of love and appreciation for many centuries. We have a natural predisposition to get extra excited about them,” says Melendez-Perez, who grew up in Panama, moved to the area in 2001 while attending George Mason University and settled permanently in Arlington in 2015. She launched Privé Roses from her home studio two years later. 

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An arrangement of fresh-cut roses and orchids by Privé Roses (Courtesy photo)

In lieu of the traditional display of long-stemmed roses bundled together in a tall vase, Melendez-Perez arranges the delicate flowers with snipped stems in open acrylic cases. Smaller bouquets of 11 blooms are clustered in a round case ($149.99), while 39 roses in a long case ($339.99) create an opulent centerpiece.

For Instagrammable moments, Privé Roses also offers floral designs spelling out words like “Love” ($369.99), as well as heart-shaped arrangements ($259.99). There are even whimsical colorations, such as tie-dyed unicorn roses; and personalized add-ons, including teddy bears, balloons or video messages. 

Another innovation, “infinity roses,” finds blossoms harvested at peak bloom, preserved in a glycerin solution and arranged in a lidded acrylic box. The simple and stunning Chloe—a single rose in a clear box with a drawer ($64.99 and up)—provides an elegant presentation for an engagement ring. With minimal upkeep, infinity roses can retain their freshness and color for up to three years, says the designer. 

“You can buy purses or jewelry, but roses have a very sweet message,” she says. “And with the use of technology, you can enjoy them for longer. What’s not to love about that?”

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